ACD is a three year training program with Toronto’s leading contemporary ballet company. This program is eligible to dancers ages 17-25 who have completed their secondary school requirements. Dancers will follow a 5 day schedule (25 hours per week). The Academy will support dancers in their final year to transition into the professional world. The Academy will assist in CV writing, Video Reel coaching and editing, networking with choreographers, and more.

Class and Technique

The Academy focuses on developing technique in Contemporary and Ballet by embracing a fusion of the two that reflect the current professional dance atmosphere. Classes will merge the two styles to sculpt a cohesive and practical training that directly reflects the repertoire of The Academy. 

Repertoire and Creative Process

The Academy will feature ProArteDanza’s extensive and exhilarating repertoire with opportunities to learn from the company’s artistic directors, choreographers, and dancers. The Academy also promotes a global network by bringing in international choreographers. This will provide and opportunity for the dancers to expand their scope of dance, collaboration,  and experience with relevant choreographers from around the world. 

Performance and Production

Dancers will train Monday – Friday in the following techniques.

Company Repertoire
Creative Process with International Guest Choreographers
3 Performance Opportunities each Year
*Apprentice Contract Opportunities with ProArteDanza’s Professional Company

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